Learn Modern Hekatean Witchcraft

Starts OCTOBER 1, 2019

13 LESSONS of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft.

Learn the magick and mysteries of Hekatean Witchcraft. Summon spirits, walk the Wheel of Fire, enter the Inner Temple. 

Practices, techniques, trance work and much more.

Kleis. Pharmakeia. Goetia. The KEYS of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. Plant Magick. Spirit Work. Healing, Transformation. Power. Truth.

From Hekate's Cave to her Starry Road, journey through her Wheel of Time.

THE FIRST KEY BOOK OF SHADOWS: The course book is over 300 pages of exclusive content.  Each lesson comes with over two hours of audio classes and instructional videos. Monthly live classes, special Keeping Her Keys School of Witchcraft rituals and events. 

Develop the 13 Core Skills of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft: healing, rebirth, transformation, time walking, spirit summoning, honoring Hekate, death walking, soul retrieval, bone throwing, spell casting, remote witchery, astral projection and initiation.

The FIRST KEY BOOK OF SHADOWS is so much more than just the written word: audio classes, video lectures, live interactive events (chats, video conferences) and other exclusive content. Participation in a private group is offered though not required. 

Harness the power of your Inner Temple.

Journey through Hekate's Cave to the Starry Road.

Create your own Cista Mystica.

Learn how to craft the Chthonia Incense.

Practice kairos witchery.

Learn how to throw the bones with Hekatean Cleromancy.

And much, much more.

MODERN HEKATEAN WITCHCRAFT is all about practicing witchery. You'll learn about using the poisons in Hekate's Garden, evoking her animal horde, summoning the Hekatean Currents, using correspondences, and much more. 

This is an intermediate witchcraft course. Students should have competency in the basics of witchcraft.  The Sacred Seven is an excellent preparatory course for The First Key.




Lesson 1: Modern Hekatean Witchcraft

Lesson 2: Keeping Her Keys

Lesson 3: Working with Hekate

Lesson 4: Hekate and Her Many Names

Lesson 5: Hekate’s Characteristics

Lesson 6: Honoring Hekate

Lesson 7: Hekate’s Wheel of the Year

Lesson 8: Hekate’s Symbols

Lesson 9: Correspondences

Lesson 10: Hekate’s Garden

Lesson 11: Divination

Lesson 12: Types of Sacred Space

Lesson 13: Spell Crafting

Becoming a Keeper of Her Keys: INITIATION

Tuition: $500 one-time payment for the entire 13 lesson course or payment plan of $40/month + $50 registration.