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Who is this course for?

This course is for witches who are sincere in their pursuit of Hekate’s magick and mysteries. Many students prepare for Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft by taking The Sacred Seven, but it isn’t a prerequisite. 

Does everyone who applies get in?

No. I review each application for suitability in the course. That’s why there is such a lengthy questionnaire.

Speaking of the application, why do you ask the questions you do?

A detailed personal portrait is required in order to evaluate suitability. This is an intense program of transformative witchcraft. All those admitted will demonstrate sincerity and stability in their applications. In general, incomplete applications are denied. The course begins with the Holy Darkness Cycle that is a three-lesson journey of personal healing. We begin there to create the energy within required for power witchcraft. The release, retrieval and rebirth process requires a student be ready for the challenge. 

When does the course begin? 

The Mystai I: The Red Key begins October 1.

I love the Keeping Her Keys book, how is this course different?

Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft is the text for the course. Having read and worked through the lessons in advance is helpful, but not required. The lessons of MYSTAI I take the lessons from the text and expand them into detailed Books of Shadows that consist of a guide that’s 35-50 pages/lesson, two or more hours of audio/video lectures, exclusive content (monographs, techniques, guides, spells), live and recorded classes, and school gatherings and workshops. 

Why can’t I start the course whenever I am ready?

The Keeping Her Keys School of Witchcraft functions as an educational center. The community and kinship with other students is important, although students can opt not to participate in the events. Having all the students begins together provides the opportunity to form relationships and work together on projects. In addition, the School follows the Hekatean Wheel of the Year and, as such, the content of the Book of Shadows works with the seasonal energies. 

Why is the course $500?

The course works out to $40/month plus an administrative fee/deposit ($50) or a $500 one-time payment . For this amount, you’ll receive a Book of Shadows each month (35-50 pages), several hours of audio and/or video lectures, plus a two hour monthly live class. In addition, the tuition grants access to the School’s live events and workshops. You’ll also receive individual mentorship. That’s a bargain for about the cost of one dinner at a restaurant.

Is enrollment limited?

Yes, the course is limited to 50  students. 

I’m really interested in the course, should I apply now?

Yes, the course fills up quickly. A deposit of $50 will hold your seat once you have been admitted to the course. 

Are there scholarships available?

No. This course is an intense program of study. Unfortunately, it’s been my experience that students who don’t make a financial commitment drop out of the course. The course works out to about $10/week. 

I’ve heard there are two other levels, can you tell me more about them? 

Only those who successfully complete MYSTAI  I are considered for advanced study.

The Red Key is the start of the journey in Modern Hekatean Witchcraft from the Keeping Her Keys tradition. The focus of this course is on the Middle Self and the Middle World. This is the energy of actions, working with the elements and epithets of Hekate reflecting her role as Guide along our Witch’s Journey. The course requires a basic understanding of modern witchcraft, but no previous knowledge of Hekatean Witchcraft is necessary. Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft consists of three keys. The second explores Hekate, Guardian of the Under World and the emotional energy of the Lower Self. The emphasis is on the practice of Hekatean witchery. The final key explores the mystical energy of Hekate as Gatekeeper of the Upper World and our Higher Selves.

How does The Red Key work?

This course consists of the required text, workbooks (guides), audio classes, recorded video lectures and live classes .

Each of the 13 lessons features a major working, such as a ritual, journey, trance, spell, energy work, technique, personal development activity or other practices that aren’t in the text. The lessons in the text are where you begin. You will be asked to complete one assignment on the content of the text and the one in the guide for each lesson. 

The Book of Shadows for the lessons include the guide, audio classes, video lectures and supplemental practices and readings.

Guides: The course includes the book, but also 13 supplemental guides for each lesson. The guides will contain information including, but not limited to, tables, figures and charts not in the book, a type of working or practice not in the book, and deeper explorations of aspects of the book. There will also be topics presented in the guides that aren’t covered at all in the book. Each guide is 25-35 pages full of concepts, practices and more that is NOT available anywhere else.

Audio classes: An audio class accompanies each guide. (2-3 hours/lesson)

Email: All the lessons will be sent by email along with access to the audio classes on the first day of the lesson. 

Live classes: There is also a live class for each lesson. We are using Zoom. You will need to create a free account if you haven’t already done so. I will invite you to each live class meeting by email. 

Course classroom: The assignments from each lesson will be posted in our Google classroom and you will submit your completed work there. 

Mentorship:  Student progress will be supervised by a Mystai and myself.

Facebook: The private Facebook group is one place where I share information, you can ask questions and hold discussions about the course content. However, you should consider the Google group as the primary hub for course discussions since everyone will have access to it.

What can I expect to learn?

Besides the mysteries of Hekatean Witchcraft, students in this course will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills in group rituals and gatherings, including acting as officiants, holding space, and providing support for members of the course and throughout the Keeping Her Keys School of Witchcraft.

After successful completion of MYSTAI I, students can become Mystai within the Temple of Hekate, Keeper of the Keys, and act as leaders in various roles, such as mentoring junior students, peer support, leading rituals and projects, and teaching workshops.

How long is the course?

The course consists of 13 lessons plus initiation. You have 18 months to complete the course. 

What are the live classes and events like?

The lessons are released on the first of each month and the live class is usually the following Thursday. The live classes consist of my lectures, discussions, student presentations and a ritual or meditation.

Live classes are recorded and shared within the course for students who can’t attend during the scheduled time.

There are several events, beginning with the Holy Darkness Cycle, Hekate’s Sacred Fires and Night of Hekate, Keeper of the Keys. These events are led by me and students in Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft and are generally available to all students in the Keeping Her Keys School of Witchcraft.

Each month from November to May (except December) there is a workshop focusing on energy work including distance energy exchange, energetic healing, connection to spirits, etc.

All live events are held in Zoom, with the exception of the School Celebration which will be held in Portland, OR.

What techniques will I learn? 

Animism (animal, botanical and stone spirit magick), divination (with cards, oracles and other means), developing the Hekatean Cord (connection to Hekate and her energy currents), evoking Hekate, magickal herbalism, ecstatic witchcraft (journeying and trance), evoking of the elements and Worlds, personal development, journaling, energetic healing, types of magick (reversals, sympathetic, etc.), dream work, meditation, words of power and more. Aspecting or invoking, also known as trance possession, is not part of The Red Key. 

What are the course requirements?

There are three different types of course activities: the assignments are short reflections on the lesson, the individual presentation is a short talk about a topic of your choosing, the group project includes a written product and presentation and the self-initiation process consists of a quiz and a reflection paper. NOTE: Completion of the following is required for full initiation.

Assignments: Each lesson will have one assignment that is submitted on the Google classroom. These are reflections on the activities for each lesson. The assignments for each lesson will be in the guide. I will provide individual feedback for all your submitted work. 

Individual Presentations: Everyone will have the opportunity to present a topic that has resonated deeply with them during a live class. This brief talk can be based on anything from the course up to the lesson during which their presentation will be given. You should share a written summary of your talk that is not longer than one single spaced type page. This should be about 5-10 minutes long. You can discuss your assignments for that lesson or an earlier one, your experiences, thoughts, etc. You can pose questions or share a ritual or practice that you’re doing. You can share a slideshow, video clip, song, quotes, etc. 

Group Project and Presentations: Each group will be able to complete one project and one presentation of their work. There will be 13 groups consisting of 3-5 people. Each group will write a petition, hymn, ode, prayer, ritual, song or spell loosely related to the lesson associated with the date of your presentation. For example, if your group chooses the lesson on epithets, your group could write a ritual using several of them. The product should be shared with everyone in the class. The maximum length is three single spaced typed pages. The presentation should be a demonstration of the project, such as performing the ritual or reciting the petition and an explanation of the rationale, uses and the process. Artistic representations such as creating a graphic image or making a video set to music are optional but encouraged. Each group presentation will be 20-25 minutes.

Self-Initiation as a Guide and a Keeper of Her Keys: successful completion of the course includes submitting a completed self-initiation quiz and writing a reflection of the personal initiation process. 

Full Initiation 

Successful competition of the course requirements will earn you the title of RED MYSTAI (“Guide”).  You may choose to be a mentor for future classes of this course. A self-evaluation of 13 core competencies (“KLEIS”) of witchcraft is part of this process.

What are the course policies?

Safe and supportive environment: I put a lot of effort into ensuring that the course is designed to create a safe and supportive environment. If, at any time, you don’t feel safe and supported, I urge you to get in touch with me.

Confidentiality: All information shared with me will be kept private and confidential. Since personal information may be shared within the Google group, Facebook group, or the live classes, all students must respect the confidentiality of others. No information shared within the course is to be shared outside of it. 

Fair Use Policy: Any materials shared within the course are for personal use only and are not to be distributed outside of it.

Inclusion And Diversity Policy: I place a high value on diversity. The Temple of Hekate, Keeper of the Keys welcomes witches and people of all paths, except those who practice intolerance. We share a common desire to understand the ancient Goddess and Force that we call Hekate. 

All religious paths and types of witchcraft are welcome in the course. Respectful behavior towards others with different perspectives is inherent in the practice of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. We learn from each other’s varied views and experiences.

Intolerant and Inappropriate Behavior: All hate speech and insults will result in disciplinary action. Minor problems will be dealt with using healthy conflict resolution practices. Significant infractions may result in a student being removed from the course. Refunds will not be given if such a situation occurs.

Course Refunds and Withdrawal: No refunds of the admin fee/deposit are given. No refunds for a lesson once it’s released. Except in emergencies, one-month’s notice is required to withdraw. Refunds will only be given for lessons not yet received. 

Course Removal: Failure to complete two lessons without prior arrangement with me will result in a student being removed from the course. No refunds will be given.

Plagiarism: Any verified acts of plagiarism will result in expulsion from the course. No refunds will be given. Using ancient texts and other sources is an important part of discussing Hekate, but they need to be listed as such. If you are unsure how to cite sources, get in touch with me.

Exceptional Circumstances: If you experience any situation from illness to financial problems, get in touch with me. I am happy to make alternative arrangements for payments and grant extensions, but I can only do so if I am asked.

Initiation as a MYSTAI: Priest/Priestess/Title of Your Choosing in The Temple of Hekate, Keeper of the Keys: If you wish to be formally initiated, then you need to complete a self-directed project that consists of an article, blog, research paper, long form ritual, detailed spell, original work of art or music, etc. You must declare your intention of initiation by July 31 by writing a short proposal of your project and submitting it to me for discussion. We will meet to talk about your suitability for initiation and develop a plan. Initiates will have all the benefits of Guide status, but also be able to lead rituals as a MYSTAI: Priest/Priestess/Title of Your Choosing within The Temple of Hekate, Keeper of the Keys.

Email me for more info regrading the course content:

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