courses start February 1, 2020

The Open Circle Institute is the Soul School of True Magic.

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I teach the two courses of spiritual witchcraft  that are a huge part of my assignment in this incarnation. These courses will profoundly change your life.

Of that I am certain.

When the work is entered into with sincerity,

the universe conspires to show us the way.

However you experience the source,

you have been led here at this particular moment.

Is this the time you'll answer the call?

The Mystai is a master class of spiritual witchcraft. Hekate is revered as the Witch Mother, we do spend time on acts of honoring her and she is central to the course. That being said, there are those who are close to the Morrigan in the course, as there are those who are involved with many other deities and spirits, from Jesus to Loki to Shakti. The only requirement is that a student experiences Hekate as Witch Mother and as the Anima Mundi. This isn’t a course about worshipping an embodied goddess, but one of reclamation of the World Soul as the fuel that fires witchcraft.

The Sacred Seven, is masterful in its ability to transform lives through connecting to the seven archetypal forces. There are no specific spirits or deities. However, there is the understanding that Hekate/Anima Mundi/the universe is the source from which these forces flow, and that all of creation is fueled by them. It matters not how the student experiences the source of the universe. Students in the S7 range from atheists to Christians, and everything in between. 

Both courses are very much about transformation through intense work on reunion with our soul. The journey is the same, from healing to wholeness. The Mystai goes much deeper into this process, including soul retrieval.

The S7 takes students, on average, eight months to complete. The Mystai takes about 15. Tuition is for the entire course with one year to complete the S7 and 18 months for The Mystai. If not complete during the allotted time, there's a small fee to be a continuing student. However, you can download the materials and work on them entirely as the spirit moves you. Community participation is not required, although students love the kinship found. 

There’s no rush to get through in a prescribed time period. What it is important is that the lesson is learned. As you most likely know, the lesson is not usually the lesson. The Books are spirits that, when communed with in sincerity, will bring the student the teachings required. My carefully constructed practica are there for the student to help them enter their own unique flow, permitting their individual lessons to come forward. All this is to say, that the Books are amazing portals that open doors within that ultimately will guide the seeker forward.

If you're ready to go deep, climb high and expand into your truth, read on.

Yours in True Magic and Fierce Love,


Cyndi Brannen, PhD

Founder of Keeping Her Keys

Owner and Dean of Open Circle Institute

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7 Lessons for unleashing your inner witch

True. Sovereign. Free. Witch.

Being a witch is a calling, a gift, and a practice. The journey to unleashing the powers that are within awaits.

The Sacred Seven principles of witchcraft provide you with the knowledge necessary for healing, growth and true magick.

Cast spells that work, summon the planets, learn the powers of pharmakeia and experience profound spiritual journeys.

Take the course that's transformed the lives of hundreds. 


learn the ways of the mystai

The Witch Queen hearkens you to learn her magick and mystery

Hekate's torches burn for her chosen, the witches. Will you follow her light?

The Keeping Her Keys Tradition of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft teaches how to claim the keys of magick, mystery and the mystai.

Hekate's Modern Witchcraft is the Path of her Black Flame that lights the witch fire within. It is the walk of the shadow, the dark moon and her true magick.

Three levels of intensive training, beginning with the 13 lessons of The First Key. Learn the 13 core competencies of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft.

Intermediate level witch training. Novices are recommended to take The Sacred Seven. 

(Successful completion of The First Key required to apply for senior training in the 2nd.)

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