The Witches Journey

Introductory Class for The Sacred Seven, the master course of transformative witchcraft based on traditional practices, spiritual teachings and modern personal development strategies. 

Embark on the witches' journey through healing to wholeness.

Dr. Cyndi Brannen teaches the fundamentals of the Three Fold Ritual of banishment, protection and blessing in this class. These are the three cornerstones of all rituals and spells.

The Sacred Seven blessing through sacred smoke is offered with affirmations

Awakening The Mystai

Dr. Cyndi Brannen shares foundational practices of Hekatean Witchcraft:

Three Fold Ritual: Banish, protect and bless.

13 ways to deepen your witchcraft. 

Q & A with Cyndi where she answers questions about Hekate and other goddesses, soul retrieval, and more.

Hear the experiences of Mystai students.

Meet The Mystai peer mentors.

And learn more about the 13 Books of The Red Key.

Join The Keeping Her Keys Coven

Unleash your inner witch and connect with the goddess through our vast resources of classes and content.

Participate in our live online rituals and workshops.

Find connection and support in our private online community.


7 Lessons for unleashing your inner witch

True. Sovereign. Free. Witch.

Being a witch is a calling, a gift, and a practice. The journey to unleashing the powers that are within awaits.

The Sacred Seven principles of witchcraft provide you with the knowledge necessary for healing, growth and true magick.

Cast spells that work, summon the planets, learn the powers of pharmakeia and experience profound spiritual journeys.

Take the course that's transformed the lives of hundreds. 


learn the ways of the mystai Through The RED KEY

The Witch Queen hearkens you to learn her magick and mystery through the Books of The Red Key

Hekate's torches burn for her chosen, the witches. Will you follow her light?

The Keeping Her Keys Tradition of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft teaches how to claim the keys of magick, mystery and the mystai.

Hekate's Modern Witchcraft is the Path of her Black Flame that lights the witch fire within. It is the walk of the shadow, the dark moon and her true magick.

Three levels of intensive training, beginning with the 13 lessons of The First Key. Learn the 13 core competencies of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft.

Intermediate level witch training. Novices are recommended to take The Sacred Seven. 

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