The Sacred Seven: A Magickal Path

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What Others Have to Say About The Sacred Seven

"I love the rituals and the way the course unleashes my creativity. It feeds my soul."

"A great way to learn about Applied Modern Witchcraft."

"I took this course in person years ago, and Cyndi Brannen is an angel for creating this course! Take it!! You won't regret the chance to deepen your understanding of self."

"When this course was first offered locally in 2012, I didn't consider how profoundly it would impact me. The Sacred Seven course has improved my magick, my boundary setting skills, and has helped me examine my own spiritual path and where I wanted it to go.

If you have ever felt unsure of your spiritual path, or like it wasn't giving you the outcomes you wanted, this is the course through which to do the work. As Witches we must know ourselves in order to grow and improve our magick, and our connection to the world around us, and the gods.

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Program Description

The Sacred Seven incorporates rituals, spells and other magickal activities with meditation, processing and mindfulness training. At the heart of The Sacred Seven is the Witches Hour of Power that takes your practice to the next level.

The Sacred Seven consists of seven lessons that take you on a journey through healing to empowerment. The goal is to support you as you create a magickal life. 

This course consists of audio seminars, a work book and other supplements. Every two weeks, students receive a new lesson and seminar. Individual support provided through email and messaging. 

The Sacred Seven grew out of my private spiritual teaching practice and my professional work developing effective self-directed support programs for a variety of healing concerns, ranging from depression to chronic pain.

The practices taught in The Sacred Seven classes comprise what I call The Witch’s Hour of Power. By dedicating one hour per day to mystical personal development practice, you can create a magickal life.

The seven practices include:

1. Affirmations 

2. Divination Work

3. Energy Work

4. Journaling

5. Knowledge Building

6. Meditation

7. Ritual

All the classes include exercises and recommendations in some of these seven areas.

The Sacred Seven: Lesson Summary

Introduction (FREE)

The first week of The Sacred Seven introduces you to the Seven Rays of Personal Development, the Witch's  Hour of Power and other core concepts of The Real Work. Practice focus is on writing great intentions, creating an altar and a simple ritual

Lesson 1: Healing

The Sacred Seven begins with a decision to heal from the past. In the first lesson, the emphasis is on taming the shadow self. Through exercises and workings, the power of the shadow is released, clearing the way towards creating a life you love. 

Lesson 2: Energy

In this lesson, using intentional activities, we create the energy that can change our feelings, thoughts and actions. This lesson focuses on understanding ourselves and others as energetic beings, as well as work with natural energies.

Lesson 3: Sovereignty

Moving beyond healing towards manifesting the meaningful life we desire requires an exploration of our personal independence. This lesson explores the witch’s three selves, the three realms and self-acceptance using a spiritual journey and other techniques. 

Lesson 4: Growth

Lesson 4 focuses on the work of manifesting the meaningful life of our desires. Transformation is the major topic, with discussions on how to do truly transformative spells for personal development. 

Lesson 5: Connection

In this lesson, the interconnectedness of all things is studied. Magickal correspondences, energy currents and personal relationships are explored through a combination of strategies and workings. 

Lesson 6: Abundance

True abundance is found when we live a meaningful life that reflects the mission of our true self. This lesson focuses on attraction magick and the power of affirmation. 

Lesson 7: Unity

Integration occurs when we are fully aligned with the seven rays of the star. In the final lesson, the focus is on developing our psychic abilities to further manifest abundance, bringing us personal unity and unity with the divine of our understanding.

Program tuition: $175. Payment plan available.

Ethical Mentoring: All applicants for The Sacred Seven: A Magickal Path are interviewed for suitability in the program. Confidentiality and privacy are ensured. 

This program is not designed to be a substitute for professional health services.

For more information, contact:

Cyndi Brannen, PhD
Creator of The Sacred Seven: A Magickal Path
Founder of Keeping Her Keys