Exploring the Light and Dark of Motherhood

For me, the three birds symbolize myself and my two sons. I’m the big grey bird and they are the smaller ones. I am the mixture of light and dark, while one of the is light and the other dark. This reflects our personalities, as well. I am definitely a mixture of both colors, in all their various meanings and implications.

Angels: Where I Fear to Tread

With this chord of black, I acknowledge my time in the underworld
And my guides that saw me through.
Knotted black cord to the key.


Me, too: The Magick of Breaking the Silence

What is happening now with so many women declaring that they have been the victims of sexual harassment, assault and abuse is magick. We are creating a paradigm shift by speaking out. Our combined energy is necessary to create the change required.

Lessons from a Squid

There are times when the point of my witchery is to accept things as they are rather than trying to change them. I learned this lesson from Hekate Einalian, a squid, and a dear friend’s cancer.  Hekate as Einalian is Queen of the Sea.

Confessions of an Outlaw Witch

Being an outlaw witch means that I practice magick that is far from the mainstream. I’m most comfortable being on the margins and I’m not concerned with being popular.

Serving in Hekate's Army

I’m a long serving member of Her social justice army. I’ve protested, supported, and taught about social injustice and marginalization. Teaching really has been my negotiated form of service.