what students are saying about the mystai



THE MYSTAI has been absolutely life changing for me. My witchcraft practice is stronger than ever, and I have found my place as a Mystai of Hekate. This course has been the catalyst for incredibly positive changes in my life. My confidence, ability, and sovereignty have all increased as a result. The live classes and one on one guidance from Cyndi, as well as the amazingly detailed workbooks for each lesson. I was devoted to my craft, but I was struggling to find where I fit in. I am now confident not only in my personal practice, but also in my ability to help and lead others. Learning so many details about historical Hekate and how to apply them in a modern context has completely transformed my personal practice. I feel connected to her always and I trust her completely. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. I can't wait to enroll in the next level!

"For those of you who haven't been in this course, you might want to think about taking it! One of the best Witching decisions I've ever made in this Witches life!!! Hail Hekate!!! " 


"The MYSTAI is superb. It’s definitely an in-depth course that requires work, but the depth of my witchcraft and connection with Hekate has noticeably deepened."

“Hekate's Modern Witchcraft: The First Key has completely changed my views about Hekate and witchcraft, my views on certain things are very different now. I love how it has brought Hekate into the modern world and more accessible. I have built a lifelong connection with her. This class has changed my life drastically in so many ways, I am eternally grateful to Cyndi and her work for giving me the tools to deepen my relationship with our lady. Hail Hekate!”


"I wanted to know more about Hekate to enhance my knowledge of Her and what Hekate's Modern Witchcraft was all about. My favorite part of THE MYSTAI is that every month students get a new BOOK OF SHADOWS that goes way beyond what's in the textbook. It delves into things I had no idea about before, and with Cyndi's guidance, audio lessons, practical PDF's, and links to videos, it all gets linked together to enhance my way of thinking and my practice. The live Zoom monthly update meetings really help as well, as a lot of my classmates participate. The course keeps me on my toes. And we have deadlines which is wonderful! Is my practice perfect..no...and it may never be, but I know that as long as I keep learning, it will get better and better. Now, it's "Mighty Hekate, Queen of the Witches, Blessed am I to be called one of your chosen." I recite that every morning when I wake, and every night before I sleep. It keeps me focused no matter what I'm doing or how tired I may get. Before Hekate's Modern Witchcraft course I had already read several books about Her. Including Bearing Torches, an anthology, Hekate: A Devotional, and Circle For Hekate. I really love history, always have. Those books were a good foundation, but they left out the most important part...how does my daily practice get to work better. Things like the Witches Hour of Power really got me to get into a daily practice, not so willy nilly. Having so many tools to work with and learning how to use them has really helped and the explanations are incredible within the course. If I had to choose one word it would be "focus", and "we have to do the work, Hekate won't"!  Having the tools and resources I have from this course, I can go back to my printouts, audio clips I downloaded, videos and links to all of Cyndi's blog articles of Hekate and refresh my memory of oh..what did I miss..this didn't work quite like I thought it would. Oh..yeah..I missed a part! I also do like the fact that we do have deadlines, but sometimes we might miss one..I've missed some, but then I know I better get my butt in gear and try to keep up."

"THE MYSTAI  and THE SACRED SEVEN have caused foundational shifts in my life and I am soooooo much better of for having taken them. I absolutely would not be in the beautiful metamorphosis I am undergoing if it wasn't for the knowledge I've gained through these courses. "