Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


This course is for anyone who wants to unleash their inner witch and practice true magick.

The worlds of form and force intermingle when you do magick. The forces worked with include the four elements, the three energetic realms, their physical manifestation in the three dominions, the liminal realm, the three selves, and the accompanying three functions (actions, feelings and words). With correspondences, we bridge the two worlds by taking the physical object and pulling out it’s mystical properties in the various ways we work with the objects.

True magick is about the very real, sometimes obvious and others subtle, push that witchcraft exerts on the energetic currents contained in all things. The Sacred Seven teaches that fierce love, driven by our own power is the way of transformative witchcraft. You’ll learn various techniques including transmutation, spirit speaking, potion crafting, and much more as you unleash your inner witch. We have fun and work very hard to let our truth speak out loud. 

The Books of The Sacred Seven – the in-depth guides, audio/video classes and supplemental monographs - for each lesson. Each guide is about 40 pages in length. 

Audio classes: Audio classes, usually 3-4, accompany each guide. The total time is between 1.5 – 2.5 hours for each lesson. You work through these classes on your own, at your own pace.

Video lectures: Each lesson has at least one video lecture that’s about an hour long.

Monthly live seminars: There is also a live class for each lesson. We are using Zoom. You will need to create a free account if you haven’t already done so. I will invite you to each live class meeting by email. 

Journal Prompts: Every two weeks, you’ll receive a new journal prompt to support you with each lesson. Examples: “What I can control,” “My spear of power,” and “Growing a gratitude tree.”

Book of Shadows Entries: Every other two weeks, you’ll receive a detailed infographic for creating entries in your own Book of Shadows. Topics covered include creating altars, choosing a Tarot Spirit companion/significator, constructing your own plant monographs.

Planetary Monographs: Each lesson has a supplemental planetary monograph for the planet associated with it. The monographs include rituals, spells and more.

The Keeping Her Keys School of Witchcraft holds rituals, events and workshops for all students that are offered on Zoom as well. This includes our monthly distance-energy exchanges.

The Sacred Seven begins on February 1 and October 1 of each year.

The course consists of 7 lessons. You have 12 months to complete the course. 

The lessons are released on the fifteenth of each month, with the supplementals (planetary monographs, journal prompts, Book of Shadows entries) released throughout the month. The live class is usually the Tuesday following the Book of Shadows release on the 15th. The live classes consist of my lectures, discussions, student presentations and a ritual or meditation.

Live classes are recorded and shared within the course for students who can’t attend during the scheduled time.

Each month from November to May (except December) there is a workshop focusing on energy work including distance energy exchange, energetic healing, connection to spirits, etc.

Originally, the expression “The Sacred Seven” referred to the visible celestial “planets” – Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Each of these planets conveys energetic waves that are found in various religions and spiritual paths around the world. All things are connected, even when they may on the surface appear to be different. The communicative powers of Mercury are found in the Throat Chakra, for example. The assertiveness of Mars is reflected in various epithets of Hekate. The Sacred Seven Principles of Witchcraft were delivered to me during a trance. Then I set up to deepen my understanding of them. The resulting course wasn’t part of my original mission. 

The Sacredness of the number seven is found in traditions and philosophies around the world, from the Hermetic Principles to eastern mysticism. Common throughout all these models is that the world of spirits exists and that we can gain power from them for our personal healing and growth. 

The Sacred Seven is my gift to share with all practitioner’s who are determined to heal and stand in their power. The Sacred Seven are very much part of who I am. It’s difficult to explain it, except to say that it’s a bit like a spirit that I birthed. But, it’s not of me, I feel that I’m simply transmitting the messages from where I stand at the crossroads of personal development, spirituality and witchcraft.

In practical terms, The Sacred Seven is a program of Applied Modern Witchcraft. Our emphasis is applying magickal techniques and correspondences to specific constructs along with effective personal development strategies. It’s a course of fierce love (especially for yourself) and true magick.

Techniques are taught in connection with a concept, unlike “basic” witchcraft where you learn technique alone. The Sacred Seven is Modern Witchcraft not only due to the focus on personal development, but also because we use traditional techniques and correspondences in contemporary ways and use completely new objects and methods as well. The seven areas that are studied in the course are the result of my research on magickal and mystical traditions discussed in the introduction. Since I’ve been teaching this course for some years now, the content has been further refined to this new version. 

Inherent in Applied Modern Witchcraft is a “you do you” approach. I carefully select the various techniques, practices, products and correspondences that are used. However, feel free to change things up if you study the method I present and systematically swap out techniques or correspondences with matching properties. You can always contact me for suggestions on how to go about doing this. At the end of the course, you’ll have developed real skill in each of the seven areas that you can then apply to different needs.

How does The Sacred Seven course work?

The lessons in the course are designed to get you busy doing true magick. The concepts and techniques are discussed at the beginning of each, and then it’s onto the practicing witchcraft. Applied Modern Witchcraft is about working with spirits to effect real change in our lives. 

Although The Sacred Seven doesn’t explicitly include deities and other entities, feel free to incorporate the ones that you work with. Think of these lessons as a framework for understanding and practice rather than rules and regulations. Each lesson consists of seven components: 

1. Concepts – the information on the construct is presented

2. Learning – using journaling and self-evaluation to evaluate your comprehension of the construct

3. Technique – instruction in various forms of witchcraft, such as methods for controlling energies, from meditation to training our mind to connecting with the planets.

4. Workings – each lesson has a different type of ritual, spell or journey, from the commitment one in the introduction to a mystical journey in the final lesson on wholeness.

5. Practice – The Witch’s Hour of Power includes seven different areas of practice, with one included in each lesson. You can refer to the Introduction for the description on the Witch’s Hour of Power.

6. Explore – the applied “hands on” nature of the course means you’ll be actively exploring the techniques rather than reading about them. 

7. Understand – finally processing and recording the experiences you have during the course is the way to fully integrate your learnings. This is accomplished through journaling and Book of Shadows entries. 

Course Policies

Safe and supportive environment: I put a lot of effort into ensuring that the course is designed to create a safe and supportive environment. If, at any time, you don’t feel safe and supported, I urge you to get in touch with me.

Confidentiality: All information shared with me will be kept private and confidential. All students must respect the confidentiality of others. No information shared within the course is to be shared outside of it. 

Contacting me: Email is the best way to connect to discuss anything. We can arrange to meet on video chat or an audio call to further talk about things. 

Extensions: If you can’t submit the assignments on time, please let me know. Extensions can be granted, but it’s best to ask before the due date.

Intellectual Property: The workbooks, audio classes, video lectures, and the recorded live classes are not to be shared outside of the course.

All works produced by the students remain their exclusive property to do with as they wish. Open Circle Witchcraft, Keeping Her Keys, and Cyndi Brannen do not claim rights to any student produced work.

Fair Use Policy: Any materials shared within the course are for personal use only and are not to be distributed outside of it.

Inclusion And Diversity Policy: I place a high value on diversity. Open Circle Witchcraft welcomes witches and people of all paths, except those who practice intolerance. We share a common desire to live a life of fierce love and true magick.

All religious paths and types of witchcraft are welcome in the course. Respectful behavior towards others with different perspectives is inherent in the practice of true magick. We learn from each other’s varied views and experiences.

Intolerant and Inappropriate Behavior: All hate speech and insults will result in disciplinary action. Minor problems will be dealt with using healthy conflict resolution practices. Significant infractions may result in a student being removed from the course. Refunds will not be given if such a situation occurs.

Course Refunds and Withdrawal: No refunds of the admin fee/deposit of $50 will be given. No refunds for a lesson once it’s released. Except in emergencies, one month’s notice is required to withdraw. Refunds will only be given for lessons not yet received. 

Course Removal: Failure to complete two lessons without prior arrangement with me will result in a student being removed from the course. No refunds will be given.

Plagiarism: Any verified acts of plagiarism will result in expulsion from the course. No refunds will be given. If you are unsure how to cite sources, get in touch with me.

Payment: For students on the monthly plan, payment is at the middle of each month, approximately four weeks before the lesson paid for is sent. If a payment is missed without making arrangements with me, you will not receive the next lesson and will be removed from the course. Financial difficulties happen, let me know and we will sort it out. It is your responsibility to ensure that payments are sent on time.

Exceptional Circumstances: If you experience any situation from illness to financial problems, get in touch with me. I am happy to make alternative arrangements for payments and grant extensions, but I can only do so if I am asked.