The Sacred Seven

What Students Are Saying About The Sacred Seven

  "The Sacred Seven course is a great place to start learning the specifics of “how” and “why” in spell crafting. I remember feeling (hopefully) the way that you currently feel: Let me fully develop my power by gaining the right knowledge. The most powerful tool you have is you. Your energy and the ones you draw to you for your purpose. That course really gets to the heart of all of that plus self development and witchery. It’s been amazing and you’ll find you. In all your witchy glory!"

“It is transformative. It is exactly what I was looking for in a course. I’ve learned so much more about healing myself and becoming a better person. I have beautiful relationships with spirits that have come to me. I have a practice that produces the results I need. It teaches you to trust yourself. To work with the elements around you and the planetary influences that I believe affect each and everyone of us. To let go the things or feelings that are holding you back. I take much better care of myself. As well as all the friendships that have been made. Working with The the course has been so wonderful. I’ve built life long practices that get me through each day in a positive way. I have finally learned to love myself. I recommend this course to anyone, if you’re just starting or have had a life long practice. Everyone can benefit from doing the work here.” 

“This course has enhanced my life by changing the way I view myself, others, and the world around me. It’s opened my eyes to incredible amounts of healing and self- reflection. It has enabled me to build a more solid and consistent practice. The herbalism was excellent for kickstarting my working with plants and their spirits. The journey of self-discovery has been life changing. My witchcraft was immature and wishful before The Sacred Seven. Now, it’s more focused and deliberate. By understanding myself better, I have a better understanding of everything around me. Intention setting and manifestation have become serious things to me instead of just flippant thoughts. Putting in the work to get the results. I really am eternally grateful for this course. It gave me much needed direction (still a work in progress) there is so much information to pick through and learn from. Everything is explained clearly, and the support system offered with the course has been super.” 

“It gives you so many useful tools and best practices, it really brings out your inner witch. It validates, reinforces and authenticates your inner knowing.  Before The Sacred Seven, my witchcraft was limited, and now it’s expansive. Realizing I have all I need inside me has been the most powerful lesson. My favorite part of the Sacred Seven is hearing the stories and experiences of classmates.” 

“Stop reading if you don’t want to hear about how happy I am with this course! Visiting the woods after nightfall was magick. It’s the small stones you drop into the water that cast the largest ripples. Thanks again.”

“Thank you for all that you do for the witch community. You’ve made a huge impact on countless lives and you’ve really made a difference in mine.”

"I love the rituals and the way the course unleashes my creativity. It feeds my soul." "A great way to learn about Applied Modern Witchcraft." 


“The course supports you on your path.  Although I have been practicing almost a decade in a tradition related to Wicca I have learned SO much with this curriculum.  Things are presented in depth and clearly.  I’m really grateful to Cyndi and the community of classmates on Facebook."

" One of the things I’ve found so interesting and helpful about the Sacred Seven Journey is how progress and magickal work, or the actual work of magickal change, percolates away on different levels; underworld, middle world, upper world and expresses or works its way through the emotions, mind and spirit, the physical and material and the intangible, working through the core and from the essence and spiralling up and out. " 


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