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Are you ready to claim your witch power? Then it's time for the TRUE MAGICK of the SACRED SEVEN.

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The Witches' Hour of Power is the secret of  transformative magick.
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Learn with Cyndi Brannen, Phd Founder of Keeping Her Keys

Take the course that's transformed the lives of hundreds of witches. 

THE SACRED SEVEN incorporates moon magick, rituals, spells and other magickal activities with herbalism, color magick, crystal healing, animal spirit work, elemental witchery, mystical journeying, and more. 
Learn how to harness the power of the worlds, explore the meaning of sovereignty, and travel to The Starry Road.
Learn how to master the world of force to transform yourself and create your magical life.
At the heart of The SACRED SEVEN is the Witches Hour of Power that will transform your life.
Unleash your INNER WITCH through seven lessons on a journey through healing to empowerment. 
You'll receive:
The COURSE BOOK with over 250 pages of witchery.
Over 15 hours of video classes
Over 20 hours of audio classes, journeys and meditations
e-book of True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch
Private Google Classroom access

How the SACRED SEVEN works:

- You'll receive a new lesson each month.
- Submit assignments in our classroom
-  Connect with other learners in our group

Cyndi brings her methods of highly effective witchery right to your inbox with this online course.  
It's time to unleash your inner witch.
Lesson 1: Healing
Release the pain of the past through stone spirit magick and Underworld journeying. Learn the power of the Lower Self.
Lesson 2: Others
Relationships are both our greatest treasure and our bane. Learn how to enforce your personal boundaries and to create powerful energetic containers for witchery.
Lesson 3: Sovereignty
Time to unleash your Inner Witch through sigil crafting, journeying and magickal herbalism.
Lesson 4: Growth
Let your witch powers growth with the Spell of the Seven Flames and more.
Lesson 5: Connection
The witch's work is energy connection. Up we go towards The Starry Road with an exploration of planetary magick, stoicheia and more.
Lesson 6: Abundance
Learn how to really live your truth and create a magickal life through a Voces Magicae journey, animal spirit witchery and more.
Lesson 7: Wholeness
Unity is achieved through The Steps of the Starry Road Rebirth Journey and more.

PAYMENT PLAN:  BEFORE September 1: $50 registration fee, monthly payments of $40.  One-time payment of  $300.  

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