The First Key

Starts November 1, 2019 - REGISTRATION OPENS JULY 1, 2019

2018 course is full.

This is a year-and-a-day program of study into the mysteries of Hekate and Applied Modern Witchcraft includes practices, techniques, trance work and much more.

Course consists of workbooks, audio classes, live interactive events (chats, video conferences) and other exclusive content. Participation in a private group is offered though not required. The course text is Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft.

Each of the 13 lessons will include an approximately 25-25 pp workbook of exclusive content not available in the book or elsewhere. As such students are required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Students will receive the workbook for each lesson in  biweekly units. Course exercises will be submitted for feedback on a monthly basis. A monthly meeting with the course leader, Dr. Cyndi Brannen is required.

Each lesson will have an approximately one hour exclusive video lecture and two hours of exclusive audio classes. Monthly live sessions will be held each New Moon. 

Successful completion of the course and initiation project will earn the student the title of Guide in the Keeper of Her Keys tradition. 

The focus of the First Key is on Hekate as Guide and on the Middle World/Self. Course exercises will explore these themes.

Students will develop an expertise on historical and contemporary Hekate, her symbols and correspondences.

This is an intermediate witchcraft course. Students should have competency in the basics of witchcraft.




Lesson 1: Modern Hekatean Witchcraft

Lesson 2: Keeping Her Keys

Lesson 3: Working with Hekate

Lesson 4: Hekate and Her Many Names

Lesson 5: Hekate’s Characteristics

Lesson 6: Honoring Hekate

Lesson 7: Hekate’s Wheel of the Year

Lesson 8: Hekate’s Symbols

Lesson 9: Correspondences

Lesson 10: Hekate’s Garden

Lesson 11: Divination

Lesson 12: Types of Sacred Space

Lesson 13: Spell Crafting

Becoming a Keeper of Her Keys: Self-Initiation

Basic Exercises

Setting up Your Witch Journal

Commitment Ritual

Applying the Principles

A Magical Life is an Intentional One

Unifying the Three Selves Meditation


Processing an Encounter with Hekate

World Soul Journey

Establishing a Daily Meditation Practice

Feeling the Power of the Epithets

Starting Your Book of Shadows

Evoking Hekate

Dark Moon Ritual

Writing a Noumenia Intentional Prayer

Making Hekate’s Wheel of the Year

Making a Strophalos

Using Hekate’s Symbols

Adding Color to the Wheel of the Year

Experiencing the Energy of Hekate’s Colors

Correspondence Quest

Making the Three Keys Incense

Hekate and the Major Arcana

Establishing a Daily Tarot Practice

Intentional Lucid Dreaming

Completing Your Altar

Casting Hekate’s Wheel

Writing and Casting Your Own Spell


Practice: Witch’s Hour of Power

Understanding: The Holy Darkness

Practice: Balancing and Grounding

Understanding: Noticing Hekate’s Signs

Understanding: Your Hekate

Practice: Learning the Orphic Hymn to Hekate

Understanding: Processing Your Deipnon Ritual

Practice: Developing a Gratitude Attitude

Practice: Affirmations

Practice: Automatic Writing 

Practice: Establishing a Deipnon and Noumenia Practice

Practice: Fire Scrying

Practice: The Witch’s Wardrobe
Practice: Keeping Your Own Hekate’s Garden Record

Understanding: Exploring Divination

Practice: Deipnon Crossroads Offering

Practice: Cleansing the Salt Strophalos

Practice: Deipnon and Noumenia Work

Understanding: Exploring Acceptance and Resistance

There will be additional exercises and activities provided within each lesson.


Ethical Mentoring: All applicants for Hekate's Modern Witchcraft are interviewed for suitability in the program. Confidentiality and privacy are ensured. 

This program is not designed to be a substitute for professional health services.

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Enrollment is limited. Tuition assistance and payment plans offered.

Cyndi Brannen, PhD  Creator of Hekate's Modern Witchcraft,
Founder of Keeping Her Keys
Owner of Open Circle Witchcraft
High Priestess of The Temple of Hekate Skotia

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