Awakening The Mystai

Dr. Cyndi Brannen teaches the methods for awakening The Witch-Priestess within you through a guided meditation and recommendations for practice. 

The Master Class of Hekatean Witchcraft

Answer The Call of The Witch Mother: Join The Mystai

Go deep into the majesty, magick and mystery of the Ancient Goddess Hekate. Learn the secrets of her witches passed down through time through this Master Class.

Journey at your own pace through the magick and mystery of Hekatean Witchcraft.

Course includes:

- 18 month subscription to The Red Key and The Coven of Hekate

- The 13 Books of the Red Key (a new one each month)

- TWO live seminars every month

- Over 50 hours of audio and video classes

- Mentorship with initiated members of The Mystai

- Monthly live rituals and events

- Monthly botanical monographs

- FULL membership in the Coven, giving you access to dozens of mini-classes, events, the Keeping Her Keys book club and more.


Lesson 1: The Book of Beginnings

Lesson 2: The Book of Keys

Lesson 3: The Book of the Inner Temple

Lesson 4: The Book of Knowledge

Lesson 5: The Book of Names

Lesson 6: The Book of Honor

Lesson 7: The Book of Time

Lesson 8: The Book of  Symbols

Lesson 9: The Book of Magick

Lesson 10: The Book of Botanicals

Lesson 11: The Book of the Crown

Lesson 12: The Book of the Sacred

Lesson 13: The Book of Spells

Initiation: The Book of Mystery

Bibliotheca Mystica: Each lesson comes with its own exclusive book + monographs of botanicals, techniques and other supplements.  

Each lesson comes with over two hours of audio classes and instructional videos. Monthly live seminars. 

Mentorship program.

Develop the 13 Core Skills of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft: healing, rebirth, transformation, time walking, spirit summoning, honoring Hekate, death walking, soul retrieval, bone throwing, spell casting, remote witchery, astral projection and initiation.

Private classroom community on Mighty Networks  app and platform.

Harness the power of your Inner Temple

Journey through Hekate's Cave to the Starry Road and Hekate's Garden

The Holy Darkness

Release Your Inner Witch

Hekatean Soul Retrieval

Rebirth With Hekate's Witches

Create your own Cista Mystica

Learn how to craft the Chthonia Incense

Practice kairos witchery

Summoning the Hekatean Currents

Learn how to throw the bones with Hekatean Cleromancy

Hekatean Sigil Crafting

The Ancient Art of Stoicheia

Candle Magick

Hekatean Taxonomy of Correspondences

Voces Magicae

Pharmakeia: Plant Spirit Witchery

Embodied Witchcraft

Crafting Hekatean Spells

Animal Spirit Magick

And much, much more.


One-time payment includes 18 month membership in The Red Key and Coven.


Includes membership in The Red Key and Coven

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