Keeping Her Keys

Modern Hekatean Witchcraft


Keeping Her Keys is all about sharing my take on Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. My goals are to better understand myself and to support others as we all try to live our best lives through personal development, devotion to Hekate, and practicing modern witchcraft.

Keeping My Own Keys


Keeping Her Keys has three meanings. First, I chose the name because it means that I am committed to making most of the keys that Hekate has given me. Secondly, I see the three virtues of Hekate’s as Her keys to living my best life. So, the keys of faith, love and truth are ones I feel are her greatest gifts. Third, there’s a personal meaning. I am keeping my own keys. This means living my truth and acting in my own best interest.

The Blog


Keeping Her Keys launched as a blog on Patheos Pagan in the middle of October 2017. Immediately, it became one of the top ten blogs on the channel. I was completely surprised by this – there are over 55 writers on Patheos Pagan. I just wanted to write about Hekate, witchcraft and life. I had a feeling – maybe a bit of insight bestowed by Hekate – that there was a need for Keeping Her Keys. Even more unexpected is that Keeping Her Keys the book is being published by Moon Books and will be available in early 2019.


Keeping Her Keys is published three times a week on Patheos Pagan. On the Keeping Her Keys Facebook page, you’ll find the links to my blogs on Patheos and additional prayers, thoughts, and lots of pictures. Although I am a write first and foremost, I love creating the images for the blogs. Who knows, some of my words or images may even inspire you!