Articles about Witchcraft


Introduction to Modern Hekatean Witchcraft

Modern Hekatean Witchcraft is an emerging movement characterized by devotion to Hekate, practicing witchcraft and a commitment to personal development. Continue

Hekate's Garden: Bay Laurel

Hekate’s Garden contains a wide variety of plants that can be used for magickal purposes. Bay laurel is one example, with references to it’s use in witchcraft found in historical texts. Today, bay laurel can be used in a variety of ways involving Hekate that are usually not as nefarious as the ancient spells. Continue

Getting Hekate's Attention

Words of power are perhaps the most sure-fire way to connect to Hekate, although I believe the symbols and the correspondences help. Continue

What's the Point of Witchcraft?

I’ve been thinking about the different reasons that I do witchcraft. Then something happened that reminded me of the only point that matters. Continue

Stop Using "Witch" as an Insult

It’s perfectly acceptable to use the word “witch” as an insult in our society. While this might seem like a rather trivial annoyance, it’s actually a symptom of the bigger problem of witch shaming that’s part of the huge problem of the fear of female power. Join me in being a proud witch who doesn’t put up with any of it. Continue

How to Avoid Wishful Witchcraft

As witches we often use spells to manifest the changes we want to make. Too often these spells focus on a desired outcome rather than on conjuring the necessary skills required to bring about change. A vital part of effective witchcraft is focusing on personal development that will lead us to the goal. Simply doing a spell without doing the work to prepare for the outcome just doesn’t cut it. We need to step back from wishful spell casting.