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Led by Dr. Cyndi Brannen, Keeping Her Keys is the radical reclaiming of the sacred within through connecting to the goddess.

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Experience the Queen of Keys

Journey To The Witch Mother


The keys for unlocking the deeper world lie within us. They are our power to disconnect from the everyday world through techniques such as meditation and trance. Spiritual journeying refers to entering into the deeper world where Hekate abides with her keys of magick, medicine and mystery.

It is the river under the river that is a road that leads to the crossroads where we come to a gate that only we can open. Cross the threshold through your powerful witches’ mind, going deep into this river-road that leads to Hekate where she will give you a new key for the next phase of your journey. This is a meditation of connection; a journey of dissolving the illusion that there is separation between us and the sacred.

We open the gate to the unconscious through techniques such as meditation and the use of other trance inducing techniques, like breath work and plant spirit medicine. Journeying is a form of ecstatic witchcraft that has been practiced by Hekate’s witches throughout the ages. We journey to connect to the sacred within us, through which we return to the Goddess. She awaits.

Being timid of spiritual journeying is the result of years of programming. They taught us that we weren’t connected or sacred. Perhaps that our natural understanding of the unseen river-road that led to the Witch Mother was crazy. Maybe there were those that told you to fear Hekate. The Witch Mother is intimidating, but never harmful to her kindred. This journey was a gift she bestowed upon me to share with others like me. It is powerful medicine of the Witch Mother through which you will remember what you have always known. That key has been waiting in her hand for when you are ready. Has the time come?


summon the power of transformation

Shapeshifting is powerful medicine


The process of intentional shapeshifting requires opening ourselves to the being into which we will transform. This is accomplished through modifying our own appearance, conjuring imagery of the spirit in our imagination, opening ourselves to the spirit through consciousness altering techniques and ultimately merging with the spirit so that we take on their energies.

Shapeshifting can be spontaneous when we are in trance, whether it be through deep meditation or other methods. When this occurs, the spirit has come forward because we need the medicine it brings. We can shapeshift during our journeys in the dreamtime as well.

Hekate Hecate Goddess of Witches, Crossroads and the Moon. Keeper of the Keys

The Complete Guide to Hekate

Witch Mother, Crossroads Goddess, Keeper of the Keys


Hekate is a complex goddess with a long history. She is the Goddess of Witchcraft, a guide along the path, and the universal Keeper of the Keys. Associated with the moon, fire and the underworld, but also with healing and mysticism.

There is much to learn about Hekate from the written records, but for a witch to truly know Hekate, we need to experience her. This is our awakening to what has always been within us.

Her history is that of all unruly women, labeled as witches and otherwise. However, learning this history helps us to reclaim our power and to understand how we are of her. It is a cautionary tale of beauty and power reduced to ashes, yet she rises again. As do her witches. 

 Hekate: Goddess of Witches

To her chosen, Hekate is the Witch Mother, our spiritual leader from whom we came. She lights our path, protecting us even when we are unaware. Hekate abides.

If you are newly awakened to her presence, read these tips for answering Hekate’s call.

She is the hidden power within her witches that is now awakening. Her powers are beyond compare. She is the Dark Mother who rules over all the universe. Her mother was the stars and her father the darkness.


beautiful woman in a river keeping her keys hekate hecate cyndi brannen

Diving into the unseen river: Ways to Deepen your Practice


Learning To Swim In The Sacred River Of The Goddess

While we may be infused with the wisdom on how to navigate this unseen river, learning ways to navigate is most beneficial.

One of the most common questions that I’m asked is about how to go deeper into a relationship with Hekate. While spending time in deep connection through meditation, trance and other forms of ecstatic witchcraft are all ways to achieve this, there are practices that don’t require such intense work. Few of us have time to dedicate hours each day to practicing spiritual witchcraft. There are ways to dive deep without abandoning your responsibilities.

These practice are based on my own learnings and the lessons that emerge from the data I’ve collected from my students and readers who share their experiences with me. 


recovering from spiritual programming

Each step is a radical act in your own sacred revolution. 

Spiritual programming promises us that by staying stuck in the seat of accepting that one system holds all the answers we will have a “heavenly” life. It denies that the individual is the expert on their own journey, and that spiritual growth is very messy. When we get stuck in spiritual programming, we start believing that forces outside of us are responsible for both our well-being and our misery. 



2020 Witches' wheel of the year guide

Witchcraft for the moons, months, sabbats and seasons

 Read Dr. Cyndi's complete guide for 2020, including lunar phases, astrological factors and seasonal energies. Loads of spells, rituals and digging deeper into the mysteries within through the power of archetypes.

Includes an audio class with journey. Article is also available in Spanish. 



Our Time is now.

For centuries, we've been pushed down. No More. Together we rise.

2020 is a crossroads year for this planet, and it is at these thresholds of time when Hekate emerges in all her glory. We come, on this wheel of time we walk, to this place as individuals and on the large scale. She has always been there waiting our return.

From upcoming television shows, like Circe and Motherland: Fort Salem, to the massive reclaiming of witchcraft as a sacred practice, this will be our year on the grand scale. In our personal journeys, we will be in conjunct with this societal reformation.

The witch who wields her own sacred power in alignment with the forces of the world to bring about change. The return of the Goddess in all her majesty, the Three-Formed Mother of All. 

For centuries, the sacred feminine has been reduced to stereotypes. While not all witches are women, it is those like me who have been ridiculed and punished for our ways by a male dominated system of oppression. Of course, others have been marginalized as well. I’m writing from my perspective of as woman witch and daughter of the Goddess Hekate, and I’m speaking to my spiritual kin who are rising strong.

The stars are aligned with this time of personal and societal reclaiming, too.  2020 will see major planetary cycles complete and begin anew, representing a crossroads that is written in the stars. All these cycles are deeply associated with Hekatean energy, including Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. What is happening is an astrological awakening of the divine feminine the likes of which haven’t been seen for ages. These changes are known to astrologers as the start of “The Great Transformation” occurring throughout the next decade, 2020-2030.

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