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2020 Witches' wheel of the year guide

Witchcraft for the moons, months, sabbats and seasons

 Read Dr. Cyndi's complete guide for 2020, including lunar phases, astrological factors and seasonal energies. Loads of spells, rituals and digging deeper into the mysteries within through the power of archetypes.

Includes an audio class with journey. Article is also available in Spanish. 



Our Time is now.

For centuries, we've been pushed down. No More. Together we rise.

2020 is a crossroads year for this planet, and it is at these thresholds of time when Hekate emerges in all her glory. We come, on this wheel of time we walk, to this place as individuals and on the large scale. She has always been there waiting our return.

From upcoming television shows, like Circe and Motherland: Fort Salem, to the massive reclaiming of witchcraft as a sacred practice, this will be our year on the grand scale. In our personal journeys, we will be in conjunct with this societal reformation.

The witch who wields her own sacred power in alignment with the forces of the world to bring about change. The return of the Goddess in all her majesty, the Three-Formed Mother of All. 

For centuries, the sacred feminine has been reduced to stereotypes. While not all witches are women, it is those like me who have been ridiculed and punished for our ways by a male dominated system of oppression. Of course, others have been marginalized as well. I’m writing from my perspective of as woman witch and daughter of the Goddess Hekate, and I’m speaking to my spiritual kin who are rising strong.

The stars are aligned with this time of personal and societal reclaiming, too.  2020 will see major planetary cycles complete and begin anew, representing a crossroads that is written in the stars. All these cycles are deeply associated with Hekatean energy, including Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. What is happening is an astrological awakening of the divine feminine the likes of which haven’t been seen for ages. These changes are known to astrologers as the start of “The Great Transformation” occurring throughout the next decade, 2020-2030.

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