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Cyndi Brannen

True magic. Fierce love.

Cyndi Brannen, PhD teaches and writes from the crossroads of personal development, spirituality and metaphysics. 

The universe is magic.

We are its truth.

The universe runs on fierce love.



Always growing.

We are fierce love

Made whole.

The universe offers the  keys of

true magic,

It's time to claim them.

Dr. Brannen teaches and writes about  healing and personal power. Her current course offerings are The Sacred Seven: The Journey from Healing to Wholeness and The Mystai: The Master Class of Spiritual Witchcraft.

Dr. Brannen is the author of Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft which has been on the Amazon bestseller lists for paganism and witchcraft for over 16 months. Her newest book is True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch that teaches the Sacred Seven Laws of healing, relationships, sovereignty, growth, connection, abundance and wholeness. She's currently writing Hekate's Garden: A Guide of Holistic Herbalism For The Modern Practitioner.

An acclaimed researcher on women and family health, Dr. Brannen developed her passion for incorporating traditional methods of healing with her expertise on effective psychological interventions over her two decades in academia and healthcare. 

Ever the researcher, Cyndi refers to herself as a "spiritual taxonomist," continually gathering data from her students and community to provide them with the content they require to live their soul code in this incarnation. 

Cyndi holds an earned doctorate in applied social psychology. Her former career in health research and academia brings to her teaching and writing her expertise in evidence based self-help programs in maternal depression, PTSD, and various childhood vulnerabilities. Her doctoral training explored personality characteristics, interpersonal relationships and well-being. Her expertise in areas of well-being include loneliness, attachment, romantic relationships, social skills, and coping skills. Her training in Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (including Mindfulness Based CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing,  Dialectical Behavior Therapy and other evidence-based approaches is woven throughout the courses she teaches. 

For the past decade, Cyndi has been teaching courses on spiritual development, mindfulness and meditation . She's expanded her practice to include intuitive healing and distance energy work. At present, she focuses on teaching and writing about Modern Hekatean Witchcraft, although she can occasionally be coaxed to throw the bones if you ask very nicely. 

Read Cyndi's story of triumph through the power of true magic and fierce love.

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