Claim Your Sovereign Power

The witch has been bound by others for centuries. At last, the time has come to claim our power. Unleash your inner witch using the mysteries of The Sacred Seven. Follow these secret laws through a journey from healing to wholeness, through rituals, spirits, herbalism, color magic, sacred geometry and more. 


Turn to the Ancient Goddess of Witchcraft

Throughout the ages, Hekate has wandered, bringing wisdom to her followers. The Witch-Mother has returned, sharing her gifts with those who will listen. Learn Modern Hekatean Witchcraft using the keys of ritual, spells and pharmakeia. Explore the spirits and correspondences of Hekate in this introduction to the  Keeping Her Keys path of modern witchcraft.  Through 13 lessons, complete your own journey into the mysteries of Hekate's Modern Witchcraft. Lessons include honoring Hekate, understanding her history, and presence, divination, working with the plants of Hekate's Garden and more.


Lesson 1: Modern Hekatean Witchcraft

Lesson 2: Keeping Her Keys

Lesson 3: Working with Hekate

Lesson 4: Hekate and Her Many Names

Lesson 5: Hekate’s Characteristics

Lesson 6: Honoring Hekate

Lesson 7: Hekate’s Wheel of the Year

Lesson 8: Hekate’s Symbols

Lesson 9: Correspondences

Lesson 10: Hekate’s Garden

Lesson 11: Divination

Lesson 12: Types of Sacred Space

Lesson 13: Spell Crafting

Becoming a Keeper of Her Keys: Self-Initiation