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A Witch's Understanding of Hekate

Hekate is a complex goddess with a long history. She is the Goddess of Witchcraft, a guide along the path, and the universal keeper of the keys. There is much to learn about Hekate from the written records, but for a witch to truly know Hekate, we need to experience her.  Continue 

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Hekate's Multifaceted Nature

Hekate, perhaps more so than most deities, has a rich list of various characteristics available for use in worship, witchery and for working on personal development.

Honoring Hekate on the Dark Moon

The first day of the lunar cycle, the astrological new moon, is observed as a time to express devotion and gratitude to Hekate.  Continue

Hekate's Controversies

As an ancient goddess, Hekate has weathered many different interpretations and practices.  Because of her diverse nature and changing roles throughout history, there are many potential controversies in our contemporary context, from how we use her symbols to how we try to define her. Continue

Hekate: Goddess of the Sea


Hekate’s association with the sea stretches from the earliest known descriptions to contemporary understanding. As Einalia, she is the Goddess of the Seas, ruling over the oceans and providing bounty to those who make their living from it. As The World Soul, she is the stream providing essence to all of nature. There are many ways to incorporate Hekate’s watery aspects in contemporary devotion and witchcraft, ranging from honoring her though activism to making magick with oceanic treasures. Continue

Honoring Hekate, Goddess of the Under World

 Hekate, as Queen of the Underworld and Torchbearer, is our guide through our own dark times. She’s there to shine her torch along our path through the worst times of our lives. Such times, although miserable, are the times that we grow the most as individuals. Like Persephone’s journey to the Underworld and back, and thus giving us the seasons, we, too, have required phases. Continue